Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ron Paul 20 Million Dollar Month November December!

I’ve been in the marketing world for years and years and have helped many companies generate revenues in millions through the power of my writing. I never, ever considered helping out a politician because all of them I believed were scumbags. I believe just like the story of the scorpion, it was in their nature to cheat and plunder our country for their own selfish goals.

But, I’ve changed my mind. I believe in Dr. Paul’s message and have written a messgae that will deliver him the dollars he needs to fight the good fight.

Please help me spread the word. Trust me, this message will resonate with the public and will fill Dr. Paul’s campaign with the top dollars he needs.

Cut and paste from here onwards…

You’re going to have trouble believing this letter. I mean what I’m about to tell you is so strange and incredible, it is impossible to forget it. But please understand that EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THIS STORY IS TRUE ! ! ! I’m really praying you’ll take a few minutes to read it.

Thank you.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

She came to our front door Tuesday morning, dressed in dirty rags, holding paint can in her arms.

From the second she stepped inside our shelter, she mystified us.

Whatever she did, wherever she went, the paint can never left her hands.

When Michelle sat in the crisis shelter, the can sat in her arms. She took the can with her to the cafeteria that first morning she ate, and to bed with her that first night she slept.

When she stepped into the shower, the can was only a few feet away. When the tiny, homeless girl dressed, the can rested alongside her feet.

“I’m sorry, this is mine,” she told our counsellors, whenever we asked her about it. “This can belongs to me.”

“Do you want to tell me what’s in it, Michelle?” “Um not today,” she said. “Not today.”

When Michelle was sad, or angry or hurt –which happened a lot – she took her paint can to a quite dorm room on the 3rd floor. Many times on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, I’d pass by her room, and watch her rock gently back and forth, the can in her arms. Sometimes she’d talk to the paint can in low whispers.

I’ve been around troubled kids all my life. I’m used to seeing them carry stuffed animals (some of the roughest, toughest kids have a stuffed animal). Every kid has something – needs something – to hold.

But a paint can? I could feel alarm bells ringing in my head.

Early this morning, I decided to “accidentally” run into her again. “Would you like to join me for breakfast?” I said, “That would be great,” she said.

For a few minutes we sat in the corner of our cafeteria, talking quietly over the din of 150 ravenous homeless kids. Then I took a deep breath and plunged into it . . . .

“Michelle, that’s a really nice can. What’s in it?”

For a long time Michelle didn’t answer. She rocked back and forth, her hair swaying across her shoulders. Then she looked at me tears in her eyes…

“It’s My Mother,” She Said.

“Oh,” I said. “What do you mean it’s your mother?” I asked.

“It’s my mother’s ashes,” she said.

“I went and got them from the funeral home. See, I even asked them to put a label right here on the side. It has her name on it.”

Michelle held the can up before my eyes. A little label on the side chronicled all that remained of her mother: date of birth, date of death, name. That was it. Then Michelle pulled the can close, and hugged it.

“I never really knew my mother,” Michelle told me. “I mean, she threw me in the garbage two days after I was born.” (We checked Michelle’s story. Sure enough the year Michelle was born, the New York Newspapers ran a story, saying that the police had found a little infant girl in a dumpster . . . and yes, it was two days after Michelle was born.)

“I ended up living in a lot of foster homes, mad at my mother.” Michelle said, "But I got lucky - someone knew where she was living. I went to her house.”

“She wasn’t there,” she said, "My mother was in hospital. She has AIDS. She was dying.”

“I went to the hospital, and got to meet her the day before she died. My mother told me she loved me.” (We double-checked Michelle’s story . . . every word of it was true.)

I reached out and hugged Michelle, and she cried in my arms for a long, long time. It was tough getting my arms around her, because she wouldn’t put the paint can down. But she didn’t seem to mind. I know I didn’t.

I saw Michelle again, a couple of hours ago, eating dinner in our cafeteria. She made a point to come up and say hi, I made appoint to give her an extra hug . . .

I’ve felt like crying tonight.

I can’t seem to stop feeling this way. I guess this story – the whole horrible, sad, unreal mess – has gotten to me tonight.

I guess that’s why I just had to write you this letter.

Please - I know, you and I have never met before. But I need to ask you something very important, and I’m praying you’ll consider it if you can.

Do you think you could help Michelle?

Because, quite frankly…

Michelle is a metaphor for the USA. Michelle is the USA.

Please! Listen up.


We are a country of 300 million, hard working, good people. And one candidate stands for us and our people. He speaks our voice, walks his talk, and lives for making our dreams a reality.

His Name Is Ron Paul And

He Can Save Our Country!

Ron Paul is standing for elections to be the President of the US… our beloved country. He is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. He is known among his congressional colleagues and his constituents for his consistent voting record. Dr. Paul NEVER votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution.

Did you know that he raised the highest number of dollars (5.1 MILLION Dollars) except for Hillary Clinton in a single day? Yes it’s true. Yet, chances are, if you get your news from the mainstream media, you’ve not heard of him.

Why you wonder? Well, that’s because everything that Ron Paul stands for is good for our country. And what is good our country is BAD for the special interests that the mother-selling politicians represent in Washington. And the special interests that own the media do not want you to know of this man.

Remember what our founding father; Thomas Jefferson said about the media, "The man who reads nothing is more educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."

That statement is probably truer today than it was back then.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

First the mainstream media and “pundits” ignored this man. They wouldn’t even put his name on the polls for him to have a chance to show up in the polls. Then they ridiculed him by calling him a fruitcake and having no chance of winning. For instance, when he won polls on CNBC and other online media websites, they pulled his name down. They said all his online support was just from a few spammers.

They wouldn’t let you know that Ron Paul beat Rudy Giuliani (the supposedly #1 Republican candidate in the polls by the mainstream media) in the first New York State Republican Straw Poll. That’s right. Ron Paul beat Rudy Giuliani in his own back yard. That’s like going in to a Tiger’s den and mauling it.

The debate and straw poll of New York Young Republicans happened on Tuesday, Nov. 6 at the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City.

Here are the results:

Ron Paul - 26 votes
Rudy Giuliani - 21 votes
Mitt Romney - 6 votes
John McCain - 4 botes
Mike Huckabee - 2 votes
Duncan Hunter - 1 vote
Tom Tancredo - 0 votes

Now they’ve started fighting him and we are fighting right back! Listen, spam by itself doesn’t raise millions. We’ve raised 5.1 MILLION dollars for him in one single day and it’s AWAKENED the media. About 37,000 people just like you and I donated on November 5th for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Now the media is scared. The Republican “top tier” candidates are scared. Washington is scared.

But people who know what Dr. Paul stands for are SMILING WITH JOY!

We need your help. Dr. Paul needs your help. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Democrat or Republican. Ron Paul stands for your values and dreams. There is a lot to do. He needs to spread his word and his message of peace and hope. And for that he needs money.

Remember, Dr. Paul stands for your values and dreams! Once you hear his message, and you are a sane person, there is no way other than to agree with him!

Please contribute to his campaign by going to Thanks to the love and help of thousands of people – people just like you - Ron Paul has a very good chance of winning the presidential elections.

He’s still behind the big “corporate sponsored” presidential candidates but is catching up on them. Don’t just sit on your but and complain. We can create a revolution. You and me. Ordinary folks like us. We can show Washington that there is a better way and we the citizens can be counted. Let’s take our country back. For the love of our children, parents, and loved ones. Let’s take our country back for ourselves.

Dr. Paul has gained a lot of traction. But so much more needs to be done.

Do you think maybe you could help? Please? Any donation you can send - $25, $50, 100, 500 – any amount, will be a godsend to the cause of this nation. Please do it today if you can. Go to right now.


I want to assure you of one very important thing, Dr. Paul will do all he can to take our country back to its glory days of the past. And I know with your help, we are going to reach Michelle, and help her in a way no one has ever done before. You have my promise on that. . . . Dr. Paul is the right man for the job. He really is.

And when we fix our country, it will be because of you. It will be because of people like you.

Thanks so much for reading this long letter. And please pray for our country if you can. Your prayers really help a lot.

In God’s Love,

Ron Paul Supporter

P.S. Dr. Paul’s financial need is really urgent right now. The primaries are only two months away. Spread the word and please help. (Thanks for caring . . . )